Best Schools in Lake Travis

Best Schools in Lake Travis

  • Dicker Morin Group
  • 10/6/23

Life around Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, is beautiful. The neighborhood is bordered by the Colorado River and the reservoir that it is named for, Lake Travis. The neighbors are friendly, and Lake Travis real estate overlooks the water from the hilltop. The calm, glassy waters offer residents of the area serene views and plenty of activity, as the oasis is open for boaters and beachgoers to relax and play on the water.

Of course, life comes with more responsibility than just relaxation and play. For families, weekly recreation is put on pause for education. Lake Travis in Austin is home to many families, and there are elementary to high school students everywhere. Students of the area are well taken care of, as many high-ranked schools in Lake Travis focus on leadership and problem-solving. Lake Travis schools are inclusive and have plenty of resources and high-quality staff. If Lake Travis’s organic beauty is not enough of a selling point to a potential resident of the area, the excellent centers for education could be.

About Lake Travis Independent School District

The Lake Travis Independent School District’s tagline is “One Community. One Purpose. All Heart.” Educators in the district are committed to giving students the best education possible while fostering a growth mindset in students so they can learn in collaboration with others and, eventually, operate as independent thinkers.

The Lake Travis Independent School District’s mission is to provide world-class educational opportunities for all students through communication and collaboration. Students are nurtured to be responsible learners who operate academically at their full potential. Educators run their classrooms intending to instill lifelong critical thinking skills into their students. The curriculum in the LTISD aims to introduce students to tools for success in all walks of life.

Rough Hollow Elementary

4219 Bee Creek Rd, Austin, TX

Rough Hollow Elementary School is an educational institution for preschool to fifth-grade students. Rough Hollow Elementary is a Leader in Me school, which means that students are educated with an evidence-based program that was designed by educators and other professionals to build resilience in students, create a healthy, trusting culture in the school, and instill leadership abilities into students as young as four-years-old.

Rough Hollow educators seek to teach each individual student to be a leader, to be empowered, and to thrive in present and future academic endeavors. An empowered child is an intelligent one, and Rough Hollow Elementary churns out hundreds of smart, little independent thinkers with high levels of self-assurance and intellect.

Lake Travis Elementary

15303 Kollmeyer Dr, Austin, TX

Lake Travis Elementary School is a mid-sized elementary school that serves students in preschool through fifth grade. The school is run by a seasoned educator turned principal who values community, language, and hands-on learning. It offers a program called Destination Imagination which is meant to foster kids’ creativity, curiosity, and courage through group activities. In this program, students enjoy a hands-on approach to problem-solving in an after-school enrichment club. In the spring, Destination Imagination participants are given the chance to showcase the work done with their teams.

Students at Lake Travis Elementary are destined to succeed as the school implements programs that serve as tools for educational success for students from all types of households. Educators in the building are committed to ensuring the growth of young learners in an accepting, adaptable environment. Students who qualify for bilingual services can participate in a one-way dual language program that aims to educate students in their first language on grade-level content while developing their second language by creating overlap between lessons. All types of students, from quiet to extroverted, will thrive at Lake Travis Elementary, as the environment of the institution is one of encouraging acceptance.

Bee Cave Middle School

5400 Vail Divide, Austin, TX

Bee Cave Middle School is one of two middle schools in the LTISD and serves sixth through eighth-grade students. The school aims to introduce students to a challenging curriculum in a supportive environment. Therefore, students are challenged for high grades but are also nurtured to ensure they have a complete understanding of their lessons and coursework. The school requires students to take courses in language arts, math, science, and social studies. Students at Bee Cave Middle School also have the opportunity to take introductory language courses besides English. They can also study fine arts and take physical education courses where they learn skills for a healthy lifestyle through rhythm education, dancing, cheerleading, and athletics.

Other electives offered at Bee Cave Middle School are service and leadership-based education courses. Middle schoolers at Bee Cave can take a student leadership course where they learn group and individual skills to better themselves as students, people, and eventual professionals. The course’s focus is leadership, so students learn to set goals, manage their time, effectively communicate with peers, and collaborate. For more hands-on leadership learning, eighth graders are given the opportunity to serve as Band Aides, Office Aides, or Library Aides– positions where students provide support to the school staff and their peers while learning lessons in responsibility.

Lake Travis High School

3324 Ranch Rd 620 S, Austin, TX

Lake Travis High School serves students in ninth through twelfth grade. The mission of LTISD is for students at a high school level to have already developed exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills. Students at Lake Travis High School can participate in several after-school activities that promote teamwork, creativity, and communication. With clubs ranging from athletics to Model United Nation, Lake Travis High School provides opportunities for student growth outside of academics. The district honors its students by implementing programs where they can put their critical thinking skills to work.

Inside the classroom, students take courses in the core math and ELA categories. More exciting, however, are Lake Travis High School’s career-oriented courses. High schoolers can select a career cluster of interest and focus their studies there. Career clusters at Lake Travis High School include Agriculture and Resources, Health Science, Architecture, Law, and more. Courses taught within these career clusters are meant to prepare high school students for whatever kind of bright future they want. Because career education begins in high school for Lake Travis students, students who dream of furthering their educations have a high chance of succeeding in and after college.

Moving to Lake Travis

If you are a parent looking to move to a home in or near Lake Travis, whether it be for the gorgeous views or the outstanding educational opportunities offered by the Lake Travis Independent School District, consider contacting a professional real estate agent with expertise in the area. Dicker Morin Group is an Austin-based real estate agency with a passion for selling exquisite real estate. For more information on living in the Lake Travis area, contact the Dicker Morin Group today!

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